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Effective data management cannot be achieved without attention given to the provision of IT infrastructure. Institutions vary greatly in their infrastructure needs, and this is a reflection of the degree to which the institution is engaged in research and the disciplinary spread of researchers. Institutions, therefore, will have to make judgements about which of the elements listed below apply to them.

In some cases there is a fine line to be drawn between meeting the needs of data management and enabling and encouraging researchers in their work. For example, provision of good support for collaboration makes research more efficient; an environment which supports data discovery and reuse enables research which would not otherwise have been possible. A well-developed data management framework around these and other activities can simplify and facilitate the conduct of research and the benefits it can bring.

File and disk storage

Information Services provides a number of file and disk storage services. These include file servers, file backup, long-term archive and ftp services. Some of these services are provided by Storage Area Networks (SANs). Including file servers, file backup, long-term archive and ftp services.


The small business network isn’t just about making contacts and exchanging business cards at trade shows. In today’s global economy, small business networking is about reducing your operating costs. It’s about reacting quickly to changing markets and customer needs. It’s about being prepared for the future.

Authentication and authorization

Authentication is the means by which you log in and identify yourself. Authorization is the means by which a service determines whether an authenticated person should have access to a service. Logik 7 utilizes the standard authentication services in Microsoft Server OS and Active Directory. There is also a central authorization service provided by an LDAP directory. This gives information about individuals to services so that they can decide whether someone is authorized to use the service or not.


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Virtualization makes your infrastructure vastly simpler and more efficient. Applications get deployed faster, performance and availability soar, and operations become automated resulting in IT that’s easier and less costly to own and manage.