IT Management and Infrastructure Services

Ongoing support, technical projects, and experts in your office when you need them.

Whether you are a small business or a larger enterprise, your network and IT infrastructure serves as the backbone of your entire business operations. The health and well-being of your IT is critical to your strategy, growth, and success.

Logik 7 assigns every Total Support customer a team of highly experienced, certified technical consultants and account management specialists. By placing our experts in your office on a regular basis, we are able to understand your challenges and opportunities the moment they arise. This allows us to offer you proactive advice and remedies, so that you can stay at the top of your game – building you a competitive advantage in your marketplace.

Logik 7 IT Management Services include:

  • Virtualization Services
  • Technical Projects

Logik 7 IT Technical Projects

Through collaboration, we help solve your technical challenges and offer you a winning solution.

Do you have a technical project too large or too complex for your in-house IT team? Logik 7 has a deep pool of engineers and subject matter experts certified in a wide range of advanced systems and technologies who are ready to tackle even your most ambitious technical goals.

Whether your project is disaster recovery or business continuity planning, advanced security installations, or a secure remote access system, we manage your project from start to finish and ensure it gets done right.

A proven process means success every time.

Logik 7 has successfully planned and executed “special” projects for thousands of customers, and we have perfected the process along the way. Based on industry best practices, our methodology focuses on meeting your goals through open communication and applied expertise.

Our Technical Projects Process Consists of:

  • Dedicated technical project manager
  • Pre-implementation technical review
  • Installation check-points
  • Documentation
  • Best practices
  • Customer verification and acceptance

Logik 7 technical project managers are ready to help your organization with its complex projects.