Logik 7 Inc.

As a solutions provider focusing on virtualization and cloud technology, we understand that the SMB market has the potential to grow exponentially and to help aid in its growth, we want to provide the IT service so that the small business could focus on their core business.


Our mission is to take the stress of IT away allowing you to focus on the tasks that matter most to your business. At Logik 7, we believe that IT should be simple. In everything we do, we focus on providing simplified IT solutions that empower companies to be innovative and efficient.


Having a collective 14 years of experience with IT and business, Logik 7 knows what it takes to build an IT infrastructure. We also understand the cost involved for IT, especially when implementing enterprise level technology where capital finance could be in the six figures. Through extensive research and development, Logik 7 is compatible of helping SMBs build their IT infrastructure for a fraction of the cost.