More IT Capability, Less Cost and Complexity

Small and medium businesses need the ability to securely collaborate and share information, but face tighter resource and budget constraints.

Simplify IT
• Reduce your PC-refresh budget by deploying virtual desktops instead of more expensive PC replacements.
• Protect sensitive information from loss and theft to meet privacy, compliance and risk management standards.
• Deploy apps with a rich, high-performance, high-definition experience – on any device.

Reduce Costs
• Deploy and manage our solutions with your existing staff.
• Cut IT costs by streamlining and consolidating desktop management.
• Reduce real estate, travel and labor costs through flex-work, telework and alternative workplace strategies.

Business Continuity

When critical applications grind to a halt, business does too. Yet traditionally, business continuity solutions have been prohibitive for smaller companies: expensive, hard-to-manage shared storage and redundant servers put them out of reach. Not anymore. Logik 7 makes business continuity so simple and affordable that no small company has to do without it.

Keep Your Critical Apps Always Up and Running

Logik 7 solutions provides dependable business continuity built in—to protect all your applications against system failures. When a server outage occurs, affected apps are instantly restarted on intact servers with no human intervention. You can also opt for Logik 7 to setup fault tolerance to prevent any chance of data loss or disruption due to a server failure. Should an entire site ever go down, applications are automatically replicated to a failover location.
Logik 7 eliminates planned downtime too: when servers or storage hardware need maintenance, they migrate workloads to other servers with no disruption to users or operations.