Server Consolidation

With Logik 7, smaller businesses achieve efficiency savings previously available only to very large companies. Right now, your servers may run at just 10% to 15% of utilization. We can drive this to as high as 80% utilization, saving you money without sacrificing the dependable application performance you need.

Run a Lot More Apps on a Lot Less Hardware

Logik 7′s virtualization solutions consolidates your apps on many fewer physical machines, which are easily managed as a pooled resource. Nothing changes for your applications. Performance levels stay high or soar even higher, while you gain dramatic benefits:

• 80% greater utilization of every server
• Server count reduced by a ratio of 10:1 or better
• Up to 50% savings in annual capital and operating costs

When an app or operating system fails, the problem is fully isolated: no other workloads are affected. And when a server goes down, impacted applications are automatically restarted on another machine.